Sunday, March 25, 2012

Modesty: Does it matter?

Do you think modesty matters, or is it just condemning and suppressing women? There are many opinions on the topic of modesty, but what really matters is what God says about it. I downloaded an app called Photo Age and had fun trying out different pictures of my family. It takes a picture that you submit and "calculates" your age. It guessed my mom was twenty-nine, my sister-in-law thirty, and me...sixty three! We had a good laugh and did another picture of me; this time it guessed I was eleven. The app was definitely unreliable; it's standards changed often. That's kind of how it is with modesty. We can't judge by how the world "calculates" modesty because their standards are always changing! We might think a certain outfit is harmless fashion, but men might view it differently. If you are unsure about an outfit, try asking your dad and brothers about it; it helps if they will tell you what that outfit really makes them think of you (just don't ask for too much detail). Here are some great posts on modesty from the Lies Young Women Believe blog:

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