Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Gaither Vocal Band

Two of my brothers and I were practicing songs last night to sing at nursing homes. Daniel played the piano by ear, and Jon and I sang. Daniel and I love the Gaithers and the Gaither Vocal Band, but most people our age have never heard of them. As Mark Lowry, a member of the GVB who wrote "Mary, Did You Know," says, you will have a hard time finding a handicap parking place at a Gaither Homecoming concert because so many older people come. But my family, except for Jon, loves the Gaithers, and as we were singing "Rock of Ages," I couldn't help but sing it Vestal Goodman style, or "Vestler" style, as Jon ignorantly referred to her. Daniel pounded away at the piano, jazzing up every song in an attempt to play like Gordon Mote, the Gaithers' amazing blind pianist. On one song, I tried to add a Guy Penrod moment, and we sang a couple of songs Bill Gaither style, which is always very entertaining, half talking and half singing like he does. We usually try to do a David Phelps thing on every other song or so, but we restrained ourselves last night. We also quote Mark Lowry quite frequently around the house; he is hilarious. Jon was not amused by our antics; I guess we will have to get serious next practice. We love to visit nursing homes, though, and although it was awkward at first, we are starting to get used to the strange smells and sounds, some of the people's oblivion, and the embarrassing affection that sometimes gets heaped upon us. So many people at nursing homes are starved for affection, and they love to see fresh, young faces visiting them. I have seen so many Alzheimer's patients (who often can't remember a thing and sometimes can't even talk) sing every old hymn that is played; it is amazing. Music puts such joy in their hearts, and it is wonderful to watch them praise their savior. If you had no idea what I was talking about the first half of this post, then you are missing out. So when you get a chance, visit your local nursing homes and check out the Gaither Vocal Band :).

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