Sunday, March 18, 2012

First post: SHOPPING!!!

I went shopping this weekend, and, unlike most girls, I don't enjoy it! Going in store after store, trying on dozens of items, coming out with nothing; why doesn't it appeal to me?! Actually, I think many girls have the same feeling and experience depression after an unsuccessful shopping spree. The big issue is modesty. We have standards, but most clothing stores don't, except for the standard of supplying whatever sells, whether it's appropriate or not. So I thought I'd give you a list of stores that I found that offer some modest options; not all of these stores necessarily advertise modestly, but they do seem to care a bit more about modest clothing options:

1. Maurices- They seem to offer many shirts that are higher-necked, loose, and comfortable. I also found a dress there that had a knee-length skirt and higher neckline.

2. Christopher and Banks- This store is geared towards middle-aged to older women, so they strive for a more conservative look. If you're tiny, their shirts probably won't fit you, but if you have a larger build, check this store out. They have some cute stuff, and don't let it bother you that you're shopping at an "old lady" store. Most people won't be able to tell, and who cares anyway? Just explain to your girlfriends that modesty is top priority for you.

3. Goodwill- I know so many girls that shop at thrift stores. If you're responsible for your clothing budget, shopping at Goodwill will save you money big time! And if your Dad is paying for your clothing, he will love you more and more everyday if you shop at Goodwill:) The problem is if you find something you like that doesn't fit you, you can't just get the next size. Don't think that everything will be trashy and out of style at Goodwill; many people donate items that they never wore, and sometimes the tags are still on items.

4. Old Navy- Another store that carries higher-necked shirts. For some reason their clothes usually don't fit me quite right, but maybe they will fit you great. Their prices are generally reasonable.

5. Burlington Coat Factory- My sister-in-law found many cute, modest shirts there, and their prices are affordable also.

6. Cato- I've never shopped there, but modest skirts can be hard to find, and I believe the Duggars of "19 Kids and Counting" recommended this store for longer skirts.

So, where do you find modest clothes? Share your favorite stores that offer modest clothes in a comment below. I am always excited to find new ones!


  1. I shop at old navy for mini skirts and tank top. I live in the boiling hot south lol and I love my minis!

    God bless you

    1. Hi Tamika, cool name, and thanks for leaving the first comment! I hope to post soon about modesty standards, so come back and check it out :)

  2. Thank you, I wanted to make a blog like this but you beat me to it!

  3. Hi graceful, I know this post is so old, so you probably won't get this message... ha ha... but I recently got some things at christopher and banks for my mom, and was seriously considering getting stuff for myself. Unfortunately my budget did not allow.

    You wanted to know where other people get modest clothing. I actually have found aeropostale to be fairly good at this. They have a section called 'uniform', in which they sell long bermuda shorts, polo shirts, etc. They sell these long shorts even if the current styles are for super short shorts, b/c of people in private schools that have dress codes.